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The fundamentals of sharing (reality!)

Posted by on March 1, 2021 at 1:05 AM

Just putting this thought out there: More to myself than anyone else...

Hydrogen is not just the most abundant element in the universe, or the lightest element, it is itself a flammable, gaseous element that has that in common with the somewhat heavier element of Oxygen. Most of us learn in grade school that when two hydrogen atoms (single elemental matter particals) join up with a single Oxygen atom, "H2O", we get ... water.

Water hydrates us, it puts out fires, and it covers most of our planet. 

I use water as the simplest example of atoms becoming molecules, from single atoms congregating gaseously (or liquidly) together, to bonded molecules congrgating liquidly (or gaseous, or frozen) together, because it's among the easist to grasp in the mind. The scientific term for this bonding of atoms to make molecules is "covalent bonds," but it basically means that two or more singular atoms are sharing energy we call "electrons."

Let me repeat that another way: The very basis of the matterbound reality we live in is sharing energy; what makes the world we live in physical, is the sharing of energy.

Even the atoms themselves are simply energy in the form of... protons, neutrons, strong nuclear forces bonding them together, and the famous electron/clouds! 

New physics will be based on the energy basis beneath the matterbound physics and I am eager for it! While matterbound physics has very finite rules of interconnected and elegantly complex synchronicity, it is the simple purity of energy that I think will really bring our minds to the next levels of thinking. I can feel myself already thinking it. :D



Crossing the U.S.A. at 55 mph (mostly)...

Posted by on February 22, 2021 at 10:30 AM

My Twin and I are firm believers in many things, among them are the beliefs that (1) Everyone is born with -- and maintains (under all their disbelief or 'forgetting/unknowing' -- the ability to be empathic because (2) we are all connected by the same non-physical Energy (big E on purpose; all inclusive) which at our most basic level of awareness (3) we can feel/sense the mood shift in a room... and on a road... which we may call something like the "vibes" or "energy" or "ambiance" or "nature" of a person, place, or thing. Without diving into the science of why that is (check our Reality Re-Explained sections for that!) I feel drawn to express what it's like for me as we drive across the continent at an average highway speed of 50-55 miles per hour.

Why 50-55 mph? From a physics and mathmatics standpoint... With the amount of books and other belongings we have in our van (Big B,) she rides pretty heavy (nevermind my Twin and I in Big B too,) and as a turn of the century (2000) GMC Safari, she's very much "the broad side of a barn" in windy areas.  As our experiences and experimentation have shown us, Big B gets the best gas milage cruising at those speeds. On a more personal note of reasoning, it's a lot easier to side-glance the scenery as driver and passanger, when you're going slower speeds. xD So, it's a choice we've made and stuck to, all the way as far South-East as Melbourne, Florida and as far North-West as Buttonwillow, Califorina.

I don't feel inclined to name-names, I feel the states know which ones they are in the way that some states are way more relaxed "Everyone's getting where they are going" than other states which have more intense vibes like, "move/go/why are you even on the road?! I got somewhere to be!" Naturally there is a mix in every state we have driven through so far, and even within the states certain areas that are noticably different in the mood of the area than another of the same state. In this, I am reminded why it's so important for me, as an individual, to maintain my own sense of enjoyment and happiness regardless of what is around me, because if I don't... it's all too easy to be swept up by the waves of feelings rippling out of the people who collectively occupy the spaces-- towns, cities, states.

In other words, when I am not choosing how I want to see, think, and feel about any given road I'm on, or town I'm in, or person, or thing, or place I am looking at then I am allowing how I will see, think, and feel about it (typically following the cultural conditionings I grew up with and the subsequent perceptions of who I've been.) When I choose how I see, think, and naturally then feel (according to my perspective) I am creating my experiences. In the way of the indigenous peoples, my choices are my fuel for future experiences, and when I choose things that make me feel great about my life and the world I live in, I am choosing fuel for more greatness in my future experiences. I make it easier, by the practicing of choosing to think about what I want in my experiences (more than anything else.) And the easier it gets for me to think "best case scenario" the easier it is for me to smile with love, even when others around me are frowning.

A road is no more the reflection of a single driver, as a town, city, or state may be of even a handful of its citizens and travelers. What I think and feel about these places I go and pass through, is a reflection of which kinds of eyes I am seeing through... what kind of mind I am thinking with... and what kind of heart I am feeling with... which in turn, will lead me to more just like it-- unless I choose to change my focus, my seeing, thinking, and feelings as they follow. This is also to say, I can always tell where my mind (perspective) has been by where I find myself in any given moment, feeling the confessions of my cranium through my emotions. The more I make the effort to only think of, speak of, and aim for all that I enjoy and like about my journey in the now, the more I naturally find and happen upon enjoyment.

So, as we sail the California highways where speed limits are typically 65-75 miles per hour, I thank drivers for their ease in deciding and executing their path around us. I thank the drivers in my mind, for their patience when they're "stuck" behind us for a little bit. I think the thanks in my mind, for their use of blinkers and occasional outward love for our van. I wish them happiness, especially those who express their displeasure with our being in the lane we're in, and or going the speed we go. I even sometimes make up my own stories, happier feeling stories, for those rare few who honk or make uncouth gestures in our direction-- because I like feeling and thinking that we're all on our own paths, getting where we are going, both in the physical reality of driving on roads, and the metaphysical/spiritual reality of personal growth.

Driving 55 miles per hour across the U.S. has been a wonderful experience and practice recognizing that my "first impression" of a place, person, or thing is also my "mirror of the moment" showing me/telling me where my attention has been lately, and in that, also then becomes a pivot point for me to decice, "Do I want to continue in this direction, or alter course?" If I'm not feeling good about that moment, I personally take the pivot to alter course because I want to feel good, and I enjoy feeling good, even and especially while the world speeds around us. xD

Remmy Ar'emen

"Every perspective is an experienceable reality; an absolute truth."

Ever had your tire slashed?

Posted by on February 22, 2021 at 9:30 AM

On the eve of Feb. 17th, 2021 in the Aurora/Denver Colorado area, in a hotel parking lot within hours of our check in, we came back out to our van to find the back driver-side tire completely flat. At the time, it was too dark to see how it became flat (center picture) even with the parkinglot light right above us, but the second I saw it I immediately got the impression it had been slashed. More specifically then that, I got the impression it was provoked by the message of unconditional happiness, on the driver-side of the van, "BE HAPPY IN THE NOW OR KNOW NOT HAPPINESS" to which my mind told me the assulter of our tire was so unhappy the message evoked a response akin to, -stab tire- "Be happy now, bitch!" Of course, it was and is just a notion I got, but when we put our spare-donut tire on and got a good look at the flat tire, there was no doubt someone had intentionally taken a knife to the side of our tire to flatten it. A first for us in our 30+ years of existence!

On that note, if the Tire-slasher happens to read this, you're already forgiven and we genuinely hope that act gave you some good-feels!

To everyone else who may be reading this, we are believers that you (everyone individually and together) get what we are vibrating for (which means we get what we think about) and in our case, I had had repeated flickers of possibility that the "Be happy in the now" message was going to provoke someone into "attacking" us or our van in an impulsive/intentionally challenge to our happiness. My twin, (Mandy), had gotten flickers of something going wrong with one of our tires (I mean, we've been driving her around country for 2 years and aside from weather, always had smooth sailing!) So, between the two of us and our allowance to believe in those possibilities, the universe couldn't resist delivering for us. The Tire-slasher person was just a coroprative component in our life experiences, as we make (think) them.

For me, allowing the possibility (by allowing the thought to turn into an 'it could happen' belief) is and was an opportunity to elaborate on how we all work together (some more aware of it than others) to create and live these experiences we live, from the Tire-Slasher to us being on the recieving end of that Tire-slasher's knife jab. It's a reminder to us that sinsere consideration is best allowed in the realms of all things wanted, and if you're okay with some turmoil to "prove a point" you'll certainly get it whether or not your point is proven to perspectives other than yours because your perspective is the only one you really ever can truly know (in the being/living it.) 

Some people are too far away (emotionally & phsycologically) from happiness that they quite litterally can't feel it, much less allow themselves to believe it's an actual state someone can be in; so, people who are happy around them, feel like liars-- at least, that's how I remember it from the days I spent spiraling around and between scuicidal depression and homocidal rage-- feelings I'm pleased to sparsley feel anymore!

I thank the  Tire-slasher for the reminder and practice finding the happiness in a moment (no matter what) in order to continue the path to greater pleasures. It was a perfect opportunity for me, to choose to believe even the delay and expense of replacing our tire, was/will work to our benifit even without knowing how.

And that's life, a plethora of opportunities to change your belief in your possible futures, or continue as you have been.

Remmy Ar'emen

"Those who believe the sky is the limit, never truly make it off the ground."

--------- ELABORATING ON THE "IMPRESSIONS"  by ME------------

Even before my twin (Remmy) and I got the tire off the van to inspect it for the cause of the sudden and unexpected flat, both of us got the impression someone had stabbed the tire. (read about my twin's impressions of the happening above) Yes, even the words "Be happy now, bitch!" specifically!

When I say "got the impression," what I mean is that when we first got in range to see the flat tire, in both of our minds independently, we were presented the truth from within, and "felt" that someone stabbed our tires, even though we had no evidenciary proof at the time and had seen no one.



Photons, DNA, and consciousness. You see, photons can transmit information, we use this science in our fiberoptic cables for TV, Internet, and the like, but the universe has been doing it for... well... almost forever. So, when this tire-stabber felt what they felt so strongly they acted, they also left a distinct information energy imprint right there where it happened and my twin and I literally just walked into it.

My twin and I have just become so in alignment with our own natural beings, it was uncannily easy to get that distinct impression... and we laughed.


Don't get me wrong, we didn't want the flat tire and it delayed our journey, it caused some new points of contrast with motel staff, and was NOT something I would like to repeat.

That said, it was still a little funny because a flat tire is just a flat tire.

A flat tire is just something that now needs doing. The emotional reaction to it, and the emotional reaction to the fact that someone else "did it" is entirely learned and therefore voluntary. My twin and I have done enough real-world, in the day to day practicing of knowing ourselves and being aware of our thoughts using our emotional HUD, that we didn't have much trouble staying happy during the tire fixing.


We did consider filing a police report, and even clocked where there WERE camers (not the Motel, who is so against taking any responsibility they didn't even have cameras for their lot), we decided against it because it wouldn't really do anything but make someone who is already hurting (only people who are hurting inside lash out at other people)... suffer more, and neither of us is into that.

Our van is there to uplift and it's okay that for that one person, it didn't. We acknowledge we had a part in allowing them into our experience both by my thoughts of tire concerns, and my twins thoughts of provoked violence. Everything is connected and everything begins as a thought.

You can keep waiting for some "big ticket" proof like a miraculous healing or a lottery winning, or you can start living it and see the tiny details that make the life-changing impacts.







"Do or Do Not. There is no try." Yoda speaks vibrational reality!

Posted by on January 17, 2021 at 7:30 AM

Previously we've talked about Zeno's Arrow Paradox in terms of motion and sequences of space-time, read about it ...

Direct URL Here:

Now, we're going to relate this concept to better understanding what Yoda meant when he tells Luke Skywalker (in the Star Wars Film "The Empire Strikes Back"),

"Do or do not. There is no try."

In our previous post about Zeno and the illusion of movement, we revealed that in a singular moment of space-time, things are exactly where and when they are, they do not "move." Indeed, the only way any of us even percieves movement is through the SEQUENCE of where-when's we call space-time. 

When I mentioned it becoming easy to understand then, the parallel realities, I mean also the same thing that Yoda meant. He tells Luke to do, or do not. He is being cheeky and drilling the point home further by saying there is no try.

Who says they 'tried' but people who didn't 'do?'


Zeno and the arrow example give us the answer. For some, it may be easier to think of a flipbook than of an arrow bing shot at a target.


[Which is really sourced from this guy: Andymation, and" target="_blank">this youtube video of the flipbook. Thanks for that amazing flippbok!]

In the screen capture above, you can see the pages all stacked up to the left, many pages! But we're only really looking at two pages:

1) Our Present page, things as they are right NOW. (and Now, etc.)

2) Our most resent past page, which is the freshest in our minds but very quickly becoming one of the stack of many past pages.

Although this is a little bit a flatlander's way of thinking of space-time, if we realize that every page is a single moment of space time, where everything is exactly where and when it is, the next natural question is... how to get from one moment of space-time to the next, even when they are perceptively "next" to one another?

How does that transition happen?


Even when the animator talks about drawing the flipbook's expression of 'vibration' or 'camera shake,' it is frame by frame slight differences. That is all time is in relation to space, those variations.

When Tesla says "To understand the universe think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration." Those variations are what he is talking about.

We know energy cannot be created or destroyed, it just changes or transforms form. Time is just the transformation of the energy that is one space to become another, and in the bigger picture of spaces within spaces (a city within a state- within a country -within a continent -within a planet -within an orbit -within a solar system -within a galaxy -within a galacitic neighborhood -within a known universe...) space-time is the collective of a single moment, a single page of space as variated by that specific time. This is why we don't think of our lives as space-lines, but time-lines. Time is our differential of space, we know this, but between Zeno and Yoda, we can realize it is consciousness which chooses -aware or unaware, intentionally or not- what space-time is experienced.

[image source:]

Let me repeat that another way: Think of space-time, and the paralell realities that exist with every "choice" we "make" and "don't make," like flip books all inter-twined like one shuffles cards. The only way your consciousness knows which sequence, which flipbook to experience, is by choosing one over the other. Left or right. Good or bad. Enjoy or don't.

We choose with our thoughts.

When you think everything will work out, whole heartedly let yourself believe it, feel that sensation of that possible-truth... you are literally tuning your consciousness through the possible flipbooks and living the one you feel is real.

When you feel life sucks and suffering is required, well, that's what you get.

When you feel life is amazing and joy is required, well, that's what you get. 

You are already living this truth, the question is, are you doing it on purpose?

That's all for now, let it sink in.





Posted by on October 15, 2020 at 5:40 AM

People who write things, like the above, think people don't understand... I understand they create their sleep complications in largely by straight up telling themselves they can't sleep and be better.

They haven't yet realized they are always right.

If they believe sleep won't help, it won't. If they believe they can't turn their thoughts off to sleep, they never will. If they believe their soul needs rest and sleep won't do it... bam, they're right.

They're right because our individual minds control our individual experiences.

When someone like me answers with, "take a nap" it's because we know the tired you feel is your soul being tired ...

... tired of all the shit your mind is trying to sell it, when the body is already giving signs of the soul's protest to it (all the shit)... physical pain, emotional turbulence and all that fits in between... the body's way of trying to say what the soul is trying to get the mind to understand,...

... which is how to find your own alignment by paying attention to how you feel physically and emotionally.

That nap... that nap IS an answer in the way that you INSTANTLY line up with your soul when you sleep.

What happens when you line up with your soul? HEALING & HARMONY!

Sleep is like meditation in the way it is YOU allowing yourself to align with your soul. So, when you tell yourself, and others, sleep isn't good enough or you cant even get to sleep, you are telling your body and mind not to allow you to. You're telling them it isn't possible and you're soul can only remain as it is, which causes further misalignment and thus further pain, discomfort, tiredness, and emotional turmoil and the cycle continues.

In this, you're also telling us you don't understand how your own mind-body-spirit work together.. and you're telling us you aren't yet ready to heal.

So if you ARE serious about healing and feeling better and lighter and happier as a person, start with loving nap and sleep times.

Start with telling yourself this nap or this sleep WILL come.

It will be easy and relaxing to drift off. It will feel good to lay down and blank out in the focus of how good it feels to surrender to the bed, or couch, or whatever.

It feels good to just lay there. It feels good to hear breath and heart beat. It feels good to notice and allow tension out of my body. It feels good to tell myself I don't have to think about anything. It feels good to just feel how easy and good it is to allow myself a good nap or good sleep. It feels so good to allow that alignment with my soul so I wake up feeling recharged and refreshed.

It feels good to acknowledge how much my thinking effects my experiences and that i am capable of thinking my way to sleep too, if only i would lay down with that intention and belief...

Ready for that nap yet?

I wish you happiness!


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Control your thoughts like you control your vehicle!

Posted by on August 11, 2020 at 8:20 PM

For those who need/want it.

The "why" you feel stuck in the yo-yo of happy and then sad/bad/mad again, is because you haven't yet trained yourself to control your thinking like you drive your vehicle.

Want to feel better, stop telling yourself you have to _____ and start telling yourself it'll all work out, because it will, especially when you stop trying to control the details (like we're conditioned to do growing up.)

Stop replaying thoughts and memories that make you feel crapy and weighed down and start making yourself focus on those good things and memories.

Start allowing yourself to believe in the best case scenario and believe that you don't even have to know how things will work in your favor, they just will.

Stop putting your attention on what IS and put it on WHAT YOU WANT without the "but" baggage and doubt.

Use your faith to allow yourself to give in to the trust that life is meant to be enjoyable and good and just keep your mind and feels there as long as you can and as often as you can.

If you're not yet mentally ready to direct your own thinking (and thus, also your feelings) then practice not thinking by picking something to listen to for a little while, like your own breathing, or a fan, or the wind, or birds, etc. Just focus on the listening without judgment or analysis. Just listen. Feel that calm of no expectations. Remember what relief feels like.

Relief is your path to feeling and thinking better. Keep reaching for the thoughts that give you mental and emotional relief; watch the awesome of your life blossom from that relief.

You're a badass, you can do this if you choose to!!!

Hugs and love for your journey!


#worldpeacevan #lookpastit #awakening #realworld #realityREexplained


Posted by on August 9, 2020 at 8:30 AM

When I see or hear someone expressing unhappy emotions about something (or many things) in their life on a repeat loop, I feel a compulsion to say, "deal with it!"

But not so long ago, I realized what I was actually meaning was, " Heal with it!"

As in, allow yourself to decide and/or recognize how/why the experience makes you a better, more enjoyable you for YOURSELF (and then others.)

I've learned that anything less than that is as good as re-wounding yourself on a loop.

The choice will always be yours, as the one living your life and feeling your feels. I, personally, wish you healing!


I wish everyone happiness!


REGRET; the feeling of not having learned yet...

Posted by on August 8, 2020 at 5:20 AM

Today, I want to talk about "regret."

We think "regret" is a natural and needed part of life because we grew up being told it was a sign of a good person. Good people are good and aware enough to regret bad decisions, or good intentions that came out wrong, or things we should have done and didn't, or things we shouldn't have done and did, and so on.

Please, pay attention to the rest of the picture: "bad decisions" "good intentions that came out wrong" "things we should have done and didn't" "things we shouldn't have done and did" and "so on"...

You cannot feel regret without feeling one of these type of things is true... and that's why it feels so bad, because it isn't true. If you didn't have that experience, how would you know you prefer it the other way?

Let me repeat that in another way:

We're not born with regret. We are born with love and wanting to experience this new life, and we don't know any better.

(Literally, there is no better than being in the energy of love and wanting to experience this new life!)

We are *taught* regret.

We are taught regret for many reasons, including but not limited to the fact those who teach us regret were also taught regret, and those who taught them were also taught regret, and so on (I don't pretend to know the true origin of the feeling even if I'm aware of the etymology;) because we have a perception of good and bad, should and shouldn't, right and wrong, and we want ourselves and our kids to be on the 'right' side of these fences; because we inherently know self-reflection is a fundamental part of our evolution and growth.

It is easy to tell when something is not good for us, even when it is in the disguise of being good, and that is how it effects the next sequence of experiences you have.

When we regret, it snowballs into other things (including but not limited to) insecurity about our own decision making, insecurity about life, doing things we don't want to do, not doing things we do want to do, ignoring our instincts, loving ourselves (or others) less, depression, cowardice, bravado, *needing* the approval of others, and so on.

We can want to live better, and not have to feel regret.

We can acknowledge a better choice exists, without regret.

We can believe something is right or wrong, without regret.

To stop living with regret one needs only to master one thing:

When self-reflecting on the past, focus toward the better future.

Regret teaches us to be sorry for the past, to wish to change the past, to mourn the past, and in general, keeps us in the past even as we move into our new present and future.

Living without regret, one can acknowledge that, first and foremost, this perceived unwanted experience or thing showed us the path we would prefer in our future, and all we have to do is focus on that... the better future!

That's huge!

Instead of focusing on the thing that gave us this impression and enlightenment of what we don't want, if we focus on the gratitude for the clarity and our desire for our newly refined want, we will remain true to our desire to be good people while also enriching our future instead of living in our past.

Let me put that another way: To live without regret....

1) Acknowledge the thing you realize you'd prefer be different.

2) Be grateful that you realized it!

3) Focus on the clarity it gave you toward what you DO want.

4) Make a point to live what you DO want.

No regret necessary.

In fact, regret will slow you down and confuse you so, let it go as a thing of the past and let's build a better future for all.

For now, just let that sink in... 

Cheers and Namaste,




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THINGS! and Thinks!

Posted by on August 5, 2020 at 7:20 PM

Today, I want to talk about "things."

"Things" being physical matter, ideas, or even experiences.

"...things themselves have no natural power to form our judgements."

  - From the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius VI.52

    (121 - 180 C.E.... over 1,800 years ago...)

When you see trash on the ground and it makes you mad, that trash did not reach into your mind and give you thoughts and feelings of being mad!

When you see that kid eating lunch all alone and it makes you sad, that kid didn't reach into your mind and give you thoughts and feelings of being sad.

When you see #blacklivesmatter and it makes you outraged because you believe #alllivesmatter, the idea that "black lives matter" didn't reach into your mind and give you thoughts and feelings of being outraged.

In all of these cases (in every case imaginable), what gives you the feelings you feel, and the thoughts you think, is you.

You are either consciously thinking thoughts in that moment that trigger the way you feel, or the "thing" activates thoughts within you that you've BEEN thinking, which have established what we call "preconceived notions" or "beliefs" or "prejudices" that instantly gives you the feels without the conscious thinking in that moment (because those conscious thoughts have been thought, and have already become an established part of your mind and perspective.)

Let me repeat that another way:

Any time you feel an instant-feeling reaction of some strong emotion or another, it is because of thoughts you have thought before with such consistency or conviction, it has become a fundamental part of your perception of reality... and not because of [whatever] you think is "making" you feel that way.

This is very important to realize, because every time we say or think something like "that [whatever] made me mad" or "that [whatever] is a sad sight" or "That [experience] made me feel..." we are neglecting the fact that we feel what we feel because of what we think, or have thought previously. Each individual unto themselves.

No "thing," be it a physical matter (from objects to plants, animals and people, etc.), an idea (from worries to dreams and everything in between), or an experience (moments we live through, personally, vicariously, and all the nuances therein), has any natural power to get inside your mind and put thoughts and feelings into it.

(Unless, of course, you believe it can and then, by the very power of your own thought, you will perceive it that way.)

Consistency is the key to building our fundamental perceptions of reality.

Consistency is what makes someone with a continued positive outlook an "optimist," and a person with a continued negative outlook a "pessimist," or a sad person "depressed," or a mad person "vengeful," or a happy person "inspired," or a questioner a "skeptic," or on and so on... I hope you're getting the picture.

If ever you get tired of feeling the way you feel, start changing the way you think about "things" because those "things" are not making you feel that way, you are.

More on this later... for now... let it sink in. ����

Cheers and Namaste,




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Zeno's Arrow Paradox ... Expanded

Posted by on July 18, 2020 at 6:45 PM

The Gloves Are Off!

Today, I want to talk about Zeno's "Arrow Paradox" supporting the idea that motion is an illusion. Then, I'll expand on the idea.

In the original thought experiment... Zeno of Elea (495-430 B.C.E.) was using an arrow being shot at a target to support Parmenides of Elea's (515-450ish B.C.E.) claim that motion is an illusion.

Even without our modern understanding of space-time/time-space, he deduced that if you shoot the arrow at the target and see it moving through the air to the target, we get the illusion of motion from one space-time to another.

BUT, if you look at the arrow in any singular point in space-time along it's path to the target, you see it still, exactly where it is then and there.

He argues, if motion were a real thing, it would exist in any moment of space-time, but we don't see motion in any moment of space-time, we only see it in the collection of space-time; ergo, motion is an illusion.

Wow. Yeah. A thought that has existed for over two thousand and five hundred years!!! Really think about it... I can't dispute it!

Now I am expanding on it:

When I lift my hand and wave hello, I realize I am not actually moving my arm or hand at all! (But you are, what about the science behind muscle movement?!) The science behind muscle movement still stands; I simply realize that it is excluding the nature of space-time which allows us to perceive the science!

-brow waggle-

The illusion of movement is because I chose the sequence of space-time that creates this illusion of motion! Think about it...

When you take this thought further into the nature of space-time, it becomes very easy to see parallel realities unfolding (not unlike a flip-book shows the individual space-time moments in a sequence that shows us movement), and to recognize the power of consciousness and choice!

More on this later.. for now, let it sink in.