Your Soul & A Light-bulb

Posted by on April 17, 2020 at 5:30 AM

“I had an epiphany! I think I finally figured out how to convey what I was trying to say, in the simplest way possible!” I almost cheerfully declared poking my head through the doorless threshold between the kitchen and dinning room turned everything-but-dinner-room...




“So, in the most basic of basic terms, you see a light-bulb, you can touch it, even break it! It’s a physical thing. Put an electrical current through it and it shines light! Light that reaches well beyond the bulb!”


“I’m following...”


“Right! So... your soul, inside your body, is like the light inside the light-bulb... it’s your soul, your ‘emotional current’ that shines the light, but it shines outside your body just as the light shines outside of the bulb.”




“So when I said you effect me with your negativity, I’m not saying you have power to control me. -I- get to choose what to do with how you effect me, just like I can choose to put a shade on a lamp to lesson the light that shines into a room, or walk out of the room to ignore it... that doesn’t stop the light from shining, and it doesn’t negate that we still effect each other to begin with.”


“I agree.”


“Awesome! So, when you turn a positive, uplifting conversation into a negative because you’re thinking negatively, that’s twice the ‘negative’ light because it’s there whether you said it or not, and then you said it and gave it more power. That effects me twice, because it’s there, and then you gave it more power. 

“The hardest part is, you don’t even know that your negative thoughts are true, in my experience 90% of them are not, and that gives the negativity even more false power because the only thing fueling it is your belief; so, by the time I feel it in your mood and again when you say it out loud, I’m being hit with stadium lighting of negativity from you, it’s in your soul not mine, but it does effect me and that’s why I walk away.”




“Yeah... so, I made a stick-figure info-graphic... I’m going to put it on the fridge, you can think on it and I will. It wont happen over-night, communication is an infinitely evolving thing, we’ll keep working on it.” I concluded, wiggling the single pocket-sized sheet of paper before disappearing into the kitchen to do as promised...then, back to my passion; art.





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