Control your thoughts like you control your vehicle!

Posted by on August 11, 2020 at 8:20 PM

For those who need/want it.

The "why" you feel stuck in the yo-yo of happy and then sad/bad/mad again, is because you haven't yet trained yourself to control your thinking like you drive your vehicle.

Want to feel better, stop telling yourself you have to _____ and start telling yourself it'll all work out, because it will, especially when you stop trying to control the details (like we're conditioned to do growing up.)

Stop replaying thoughts and memories that make you feel crapy and weighed down and start making yourself focus on those good things and memories.

Start allowing yourself to believe in the best case scenario and believe that you don't even have to know how things will work in your favor, they just will.

Stop putting your attention on what IS and put it on WHAT YOU WANT without the "but" baggage and doubt.

Use your faith to allow yourself to give in to the trust that life is meant to be enjoyable and good and just keep your mind and feels there as long as you can and as often as you can.

If you're not yet mentally ready to direct your own thinking (and thus, also your feelings) then practice not thinking by picking something to listen to for a little while, like your own breathing, or a fan, or the wind, or birds, etc. Just focus on the listening without judgment or analysis. Just listen. Feel that calm of no expectations. Remember what relief feels like.

Relief is your path to feeling and thinking better. Keep reaching for the thoughts that give you mental and emotional relief; watch the awesome of your life blossom from that relief.

You're a badass, you can do this if you choose to!!!

Hugs and love for your journey!


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