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People who write things, like the above, think people don't understand... I understand they create their sleep complications in largely by straight up telling themselves they can't sleep and be better.

They haven't yet realized they are always right.

If they believe sleep won't help, it won't. If they believe they can't turn their thoughts off to sleep, they never will. If they believe their soul needs rest and sleep won't do it... bam, they're right.

They're right because our individual minds control our individual experiences.

When someone like me answers with, "take a nap" it's because we know the tired you feel is your soul being tired ...

... tired of all the shit your mind is trying to sell it, when the body is already giving signs of the soul's protest to it (all the shit)... physical pain, emotional turbulence and all that fits in between... the body's way of trying to say what the soul is trying to get the mind to understand,...

... which is how to find your own alignment by paying attention to how you feel physically and emotionally.

That nap... that nap IS an answer in the way that you INSTANTLY line up with your soul when you sleep.

What happens when you line up with your soul? HEALING & HARMONY!

Sleep is like meditation in the way it is YOU allowing yourself to align with your soul. So, when you tell yourself, and others, sleep isn't good enough or you cant even get to sleep, you are telling your body and mind not to allow you to. You're telling them it isn't possible and you're soul can only remain as it is, which causes further misalignment and thus further pain, discomfort, tiredness, and emotional turmoil and the cycle continues.

In this, you're also telling us you don't understand how your own mind-body-spirit work together.. and you're telling us you aren't yet ready to heal.

So if you ARE serious about healing and feeling better and lighter and happier as a person, start with loving nap and sleep times.

Start with telling yourself this nap or this sleep WILL come.

It will be easy and relaxing to drift off. It will feel good to lay down and blank out in the focus of how good it feels to surrender to the bed, or couch, or whatever.

It feels good to just lay there. It feels good to hear breath and heart beat. It feels good to notice and allow tension out of my body. It feels good to tell myself I don't have to think about anything. It feels good to just feel how easy and good it is to allow myself a good nap or good sleep. It feels so good to allow that alignment with my soul so I wake up feeling recharged and refreshed.

It feels good to acknowledge how much my thinking effects my experiences and that i am capable of thinking my way to sleep too, if only i would lay down with that intention and belief...

Ready for that nap yet?

I wish you happiness!


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