"Do or Do Not. There is no try." Yoda speaks vibrational reality!

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Previously we've talked about Zeno's Arrow Paradox in terms of motion and sequences of space-time, read about it ...

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Now, we're going to relate this concept to better understanding what Yoda meant when he tells Luke Skywalker (in the Star Wars Film "The Empire Strikes Back"),

"Do or do not. There is no try."

In our previous post about Zeno and the illusion of movement, we revealed that in a singular moment of space-time, things are exactly where and when they are, they do not "move." Indeed, the only way any of us even percieves movement is through the SEQUENCE of where-when's we call space-time. 

When I mentioned it becoming easy to understand then, the parallel realities, I mean also the same thing that Yoda meant. He tells Luke to do, or do not. He is being cheeky and drilling the point home further by saying there is no try.

Who says they 'tried' but people who didn't 'do?'


Zeno and the arrow example give us the answer. For some, it may be easier to think of a flipbook than of an arrow bing shot at a target.


[Which is really sourced from this guy: Andymation, and" target="_blank">this youtube video of the flipbook. Thanks for that amazing flippbok!]

In the screen capture above, you can see the pages all stacked up to the left, many pages! But we're only really looking at two pages:

1) Our Present page, things as they are right NOW. (and Now, etc.)

2) Our most resent past page, which is the freshest in our minds but very quickly becoming one of the stack of many past pages.

Although this is a little bit a flatlander's way of thinking of space-time, if we realize that every page is a single moment of space time, where everything is exactly where and when it is, the next natural question is... how to get from one moment of space-time to the next, even when they are perceptively "next" to one another?

How does that transition happen?


Even when the animator talks about drawing the flipbook's expression of 'vibration' or 'camera shake,' it is frame by frame slight differences. That is all time is in relation to space, those variations.

When Tesla says "To understand the universe think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration." Those variations are what he is talking about.

We know energy cannot be created or destroyed, it just changes or transforms form. Time is just the transformation of the energy that is one space to become another, and in the bigger picture of spaces within spaces (a city within a state- within a country -within a continent -within a planet -within an orbit -within a solar system -within a galaxy -within a galacitic neighborhood -within a known universe...) space-time is the collective of a single moment, a single page of space as variated by that specific time. This is why we don't think of our lives as space-lines, but time-lines. Time is our differential of space, we know this, but between Zeno and Yoda, we can realize it is consciousness which chooses -aware or unaware, intentionally or not- what space-time is experienced.

[image source:]

Let me repeat that another way: Think of space-time, and the paralell realities that exist with every "choice" we "make" and "don't make," like flip books all inter-twined like one shuffles cards. The only way your consciousness knows which sequence, which flipbook to experience, is by choosing one over the other. Left or right. Good or bad. Enjoy or don't.

We choose with our thoughts.

When you think everything will work out, whole heartedly let yourself believe it, feel that sensation of that possible-truth... you are literally tuning your consciousness through the possible flipbooks and living the one you feel is real.

When you feel life sucks and suffering is required, well, that's what you get.

When you feel life is amazing and joy is required, well, that's what you get. 

You are already living this truth, the question is, are you doing it on purpose?

That's all for now, let it sink in.




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