Ever had your tire slashed?

Posted by on February 22, 2021 at 9:30 AM

On the eve of Feb. 17th, 2021 in the Aurora/Denver Colorado area, in a hotel parking lot within hours of our check in, we came back out to our van to find the back driver-side tire completely flat. At the time, it was too dark to see how it became flat (center picture) even with the parkinglot light right above us, but the second I saw it I immediately got the impression it had been slashed. More specifically then that, I got the impression it was provoked by the message of unconditional happiness, on the driver-side of the van, "BE HAPPY IN THE NOW OR KNOW NOT HAPPINESS" to which my mind told me the assulter of our tire was so unhappy the message evoked a response akin to, -stab tire- "Be happy now, bitch!" Of course, it was and is just a notion I got, but when we put our spare-donut tire on and got a good look at the flat tire, there was no doubt someone had intentionally taken a knife to the side of our tire to flatten it. A first for us in our 30+ years of existence!

On that note, if the Tire-slasher happens to read this, you're already forgiven and we genuinely hope that act gave you some good-feels!

To everyone else who may be reading this, we are believers that you (everyone individually and together) get what we are vibrating for (which means we get what we think about) and in our case, I had had repeated flickers of possibility that the "Be happy in the now" message was going to provoke someone into "attacking" us or our van in an impulsive/intentionally challenge to our happiness. My twin, (Mandy), had gotten flickers of something going wrong with one of our tires (I mean, we've been driving her around country for 2 years and aside from weather, always had smooth sailing!) So, between the two of us and our allowance to believe in those possibilities, the universe couldn't resist delivering for us. The Tire-slasher person was just a coroprative component in our life experiences, as we make (think) them.

For me, allowing the possibility (by allowing the thought to turn into an 'it could happen' belief) is and was an opportunity to elaborate on how we all work together (some more aware of it than others) to create and live these experiences we live, from the Tire-Slasher to us being on the recieving end of that Tire-slasher's knife jab. It's a reminder to us that sinsere consideration is best allowed in the realms of all things wanted, and if you're okay with some turmoil to "prove a point" you'll certainly get it whether or not your point is proven to perspectives other than yours because your perspective is the only one you really ever can truly know (in the being/living it.) 

Some people are too far away (emotionally & phsycologically) from happiness that they quite litterally can't feel it, much less allow themselves to believe it's an actual state someone can be in; so, people who are happy around them, feel like liars-- at least, that's how I remember it from the days I spent spiraling around and between scuicidal depression and homocidal rage-- feelings I'm pleased to sparsley feel anymore!

I thank the  Tire-slasher for the reminder and practice finding the happiness in a moment (no matter what) in order to continue the path to greater pleasures. It was a perfect opportunity for me, to choose to believe even the delay and expense of replacing our tire, was/will work to our benifit even without knowing how.

And that's life, a plethora of opportunities to change your belief in your possible futures, or continue as you have been.

Remmy Ar'emen

"Those who believe the sky is the limit, never truly make it off the ground."

--------- ELABORATING ON THE "IMPRESSIONS"  by ME------------

Even before my twin (Remmy) and I got the tire off the van to inspect it for the cause of the sudden and unexpected flat, both of us got the impression someone had stabbed the tire. (read about my twin's impressions of the happening above) Yes, even the words "Be happy now, bitch!" specifically!

When I say "got the impression," what I mean is that when we first got in range to see the flat tire, in both of our minds independently, we were presented the truth from within, and "felt" that someone stabbed our tires, even though we had no evidenciary proof at the time and had seen no one.



Photons, DNA, and consciousness. You see, photons can transmit information, we use this science in our fiberoptic cables for TV, Internet, and the like, but the universe has been doing it for... well... almost forever. So, when this tire-stabber felt what they felt so strongly they acted, they also left a distinct information energy imprint right there where it happened and my twin and I literally just walked into it.

My twin and I have just become so in alignment with our own natural beings, it was uncannily easy to get that distinct impression... and we laughed.


Don't get me wrong, we didn't want the flat tire and it delayed our journey, it caused some new points of contrast with motel staff, and was NOT something I would like to repeat.

That said, it was still a little funny because a flat tire is just a flat tire.

A flat tire is just something that now needs doing. The emotional reaction to it, and the emotional reaction to the fact that someone else "did it" is entirely learned and therefore voluntary. My twin and I have done enough real-world, in the day to day practicing of knowing ourselves and being aware of our thoughts using our emotional HUD, that we didn't have much trouble staying happy during the tire fixing.


We did consider filing a police report, and even clocked where there WERE camers (not the Motel, who is so against taking any responsibility they didn't even have cameras for their lot), we decided against it because it wouldn't really do anything but make someone who is already hurting (only people who are hurting inside lash out at other people)... suffer more, and neither of us is into that.

Our van is there to uplift and it's okay that for that one person, it didn't. We acknowledge we had a part in allowing them into our experience both by my thoughts of tire concerns, and my twins thoughts of provoked violence. Everything is connected and everything begins as a thought.

You can keep waiting for some "big ticket" proof like a miraculous healing or a lottery winning, or you can start living it and see the tiny details that make the life-changing impacts.







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