Crossing the U.S.A. at 55 mph (mostly)...

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My Twin and I are firm believers in many things, among them are the beliefs that (1) Everyone is born with -- and maintains (under all their disbelief or 'forgetting/unknowing' -- the ability to be empathic because (2) we are all connected by the same non-physical Energy (big E on purpose; all inclusive) which at our most basic level of awareness (3) we can feel/sense the mood shift in a room... and on a road... which we may call something like the "vibes" or "energy" or "ambiance" or "nature" of a person, place, or thing. Without diving into the science of why that is (check our Reality Re-Explained sections for that!) I feel drawn to express what it's like for me as we drive across the continent at an average highway speed of 50-55 miles per hour.

Why 50-55 mph? From a physics and mathmatics standpoint... With the amount of books and other belongings we have in our van (Big B,) she rides pretty heavy (nevermind my Twin and I in Big B too,) and as a turn of the century (2000) GMC Safari, she's very much "the broad side of a barn" in windy areas.  As our experiences and experimentation have shown us, Big B gets the best gas milage cruising at those speeds. On a more personal note of reasoning, it's a lot easier to side-glance the scenery as driver and passanger, when you're going slower speeds. xD So, it's a choice we've made and stuck to, all the way as far South-East as Melbourne, Florida and as far North-West as Buttonwillow, Califorina.

I don't feel inclined to name-names, I feel the states know which ones they are in the way that some states are way more relaxed "Everyone's getting where they are going" than other states which have more intense vibes like, "move/go/why are you even on the road?! I got somewhere to be!" Naturally there is a mix in every state we have driven through so far, and even within the states certain areas that are noticably different in the mood of the area than another of the same state. In this, I am reminded why it's so important for me, as an individual, to maintain my own sense of enjoyment and happiness regardless of what is around me, because if I don't... it's all too easy to be swept up by the waves of feelings rippling out of the people who collectively occupy the spaces-- towns, cities, states.

In other words, when I am not choosing how I want to see, think, and feel about any given road I'm on, or town I'm in, or person, or thing, or place I am looking at then I am allowing how I will see, think, and feel about it (typically following the cultural conditionings I grew up with and the subsequent perceptions of who I've been.) When I choose how I see, think, and naturally then feel (according to my perspective) I am creating my experiences. In the way of the indigenous peoples, my choices are my fuel for future experiences, and when I choose things that make me feel great about my life and the world I live in, I am choosing fuel for more greatness in my future experiences. I make it easier, by the practicing of choosing to think about what I want in my experiences (more than anything else.) And the easier it gets for me to think "best case scenario" the easier it is for me to smile with love, even when others around me are frowning.

A road is no more the reflection of a single driver, as a town, city, or state may be of even a handful of its citizens and travelers. What I think and feel about these places I go and pass through, is a reflection of which kinds of eyes I am seeing through... what kind of mind I am thinking with... and what kind of heart I am feeling with... which in turn, will lead me to more just like it-- unless I choose to change my focus, my seeing, thinking, and feelings as they follow. This is also to say, I can always tell where my mind (perspective) has been by where I find myself in any given moment, feeling the confessions of my cranium through my emotions. The more I make the effort to only think of, speak of, and aim for all that I enjoy and like about my journey in the now, the more I naturally find and happen upon enjoyment.

So, as we sail the California highways where speed limits are typically 65-75 miles per hour, I thank drivers for their ease in deciding and executing their path around us. I thank the drivers in my mind, for their patience when they're "stuck" behind us for a little bit. I think the thanks in my mind, for their use of blinkers and occasional outward love for our van. I wish them happiness, especially those who express their displeasure with our being in the lane we're in, and or going the speed we go. I even sometimes make up my own stories, happier feeling stories, for those rare few who honk or make uncouth gestures in our direction-- because I like feeling and thinking that we're all on our own paths, getting where we are going, both in the physical reality of driving on roads, and the metaphysical/spiritual reality of personal growth.

Driving 55 miles per hour across the U.S. has been a wonderful experience and practice recognizing that my "first impression" of a place, person, or thing is also my "mirror of the moment" showing me/telling me where my attention has been lately, and in that, also then becomes a pivot point for me to decice, "Do I want to continue in this direction, or alter course?" If I'm not feeling good about that moment, I personally take the pivot to alter course because I want to feel good, and I enjoy feeling good, even and especially while the world speeds around us. xD

Remmy Ar'emen

"Every perspective is an experienceable reality; an absolute truth."

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