The fundamentals of sharing (reality!)

Posted by on March 1, 2021 at 1:05 AM

Just putting this thought out there: More to myself than anyone else...

Hydrogen is not just the most abundant element in the universe, or the lightest element, it is itself a flammable, gaseous element that has that in common with the somewhat heavier element of Oxygen. Most of us learn in grade school that when two hydrogen atoms (single elemental matter particals) join up with a single Oxygen atom, "H2O", we get ... water.

Water hydrates us, it puts out fires, and it covers most of our planet. 

I use water as the simplest example of atoms becoming molecules, from single atoms congregating gaseously (or liquidly) together, to bonded molecules congrgating liquidly (or gaseous, or frozen) together, because it's among the easist to grasp in the mind. The scientific term for this bonding of atoms to make molecules is "covalent bonds," but it basically means that two or more singular atoms are sharing energy we call "electrons."

Let me repeat that another way: The very basis of the matterbound reality we live in is sharing energy; what makes the world we live in physical, is the sharing of energy.

Even the atoms themselves are simply energy in the form of... protons, neutrons, strong nuclear forces bonding them together, and the famous electron/clouds! 

New physics will be based on the energy basis beneath the matterbound physics and I am eager for it! While matterbound physics has very finite rules of interconnected and elegantly complex synchronicity, it is the simple purity of energy that I think will really bring our minds to the next levels of thinking. I can feel myself already thinking it. :D



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