Harmonizing with the Greatness of Creation

Posted by on June 1, 2021 at 11:55 AM

If you're unaware, EVERYTHING is energy.
Science knows this, Mainstream science is catching up to publically publishing about it. As energy, all things have vibration. From the cells of my body to the whole of my body, there are vibrations for each individual cell and the collective cells that make my organs, bones, muscle, nerves, hair, fingernails, etc... and that collective vibration that is Me.
High vibrations are like bright lights, full of streaming life energy, healing, clairity of decision making, and love. Low vibrations are like dying lights with slow or low life energy, illness/damage, confusion lead indecision, and various degrees of dispair.
So, when we say things like, "raise your vibration" we are talking about your wellbeing. Increasing your mind-body-spirit health.
Why do these things work better than say... medical prescriptions?
Because these things are things that help you as a mind-body-spirit get in BIOELECTRICAL HARMONY with the universe, through the harmonious vibrations it's already producing like our planet and its layers of minerals and organics, the water made of origin element hydrogen and sun spawned (solar nuclear fusion) made oxygen, fruits that grow of our Earth rich in those minerals and organics of decay, the wind/air of that veil of atmosphere that links us and also keeps us from the vaccuum of space-- where the first of our Earth minerals were birthed.
Because having fun is what floods your body with body-made high-vibration-happy chemicals which promote the free flow of that love-of-life energy; the healing (because it is love) energy of the universe expanding flawlessly and eternally.
Because the sun is a constant stream of that love-energy-of-life and like unrestrained fiberoptic cables, our sun has loving information to give to the cells of our mind-body.
Because breathing in general is an exchange with the universe, energies and life-- which makes it a natural point of harmony, and so, by focusing and appreciating every breath as you breath it, you can't help but be harmonizing with the love of the air continuing that expansion of life.
Because doing deeds YOU FEEL are good, are you harmonizing with your love-of-life stream and contributing to the expansion and wellbeing of the universe with feel-good wellbeing and expansion of progress (in whatever deed you chose.)
Because meditation is harmonizing with the All-Energy and in the stillness of it, you hold that oneness with ALL and doing so is the fastest way to open the flow of that All-Energy through you in ways we call purpose, intuition, impulse, and intention.
Because when you eat fruit (or any earth-grown plant) you're eating the natural conversions of SUNLIGHT, water, and the minerals and organics fed from the ground. That's a trifecta of EARTH, WATER, and LIGHT ( I am saying is fire/energy! ��) all vibrationally packed into the natural product of fruit or veggie, direct for your digestion! It's harmonizing with that process of consuming base elements to fuel the physical vibrational form that continues to grow and evolve.
... These things differ from prescriptions in that they directly realign and harmonize you with the most natural parts of yourself and the world that is your proverbial evolutionary womb.
Harmonizing with the greatness of creation, can anything really be better for your mind-body-spirit than that?


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