Reality Re-Explained:
Human Programming

Human Programming is an evolutionary tool.

Are you using it on purpose?

UPDATED: 2021 JAN 28 (Work in Progress)

The more I think a thought
the easier that thought 
becomes to think.

I know this works physiologically because: 

  • Thoughts manifest within my mind via my brain, which is basically a network of neurons all interconnected like a dense sponge with multiple levels and layers. 

  • The thoughts I think more often create stronger connections between the neurons (neuron arms touching other neurons,) like bridges or pathways

  •  making the charge that stimulates them (and allows me to be aware of the thought) also stronger, 

  • so that those thoughts become easier to locate within the whole network, in the same way a well walked path is easier to sprint through than a dense, unexplored jungle.

The more I think a thought, 
the easier that thought becomes to think.

The more I feel a feeling
the easier that feeling 
becomes to feel.

I know this works physiologically because:

  •  my brain and body produce 'receptor cells' like outlets that the emotional chemicals (neurotransmitters that my brain produces) can 'plug' into in order for me to 'feel' the emotion.

  • As my brain and body replenish these receptors, the emotional chemicals more frequently produced likewise tell my body to produce more of those receptors that they can plug into and thus: 

  • I can feel a 'craving' or 'longing' for an emotion.
  • I can feel 'comfortable' in an emotion I don't actually like.
  • This is also why I can have mixed feelings, and why some feelings can 'feel' stronger than others.

The more I feel a feeling, 
the easier that feeling becomes to feel.

The more I do an action
the easier that action 
becomes to do.

I know this works physiologically because:

  • My brain and body work together to create what is called 'muscle memory' when I repeat a motion.

  • ('muscle memory' is basically the neuro-network in my brain [my frontal lobe's pre-motor cortex & motor cortex, and my cerebellum], AND the creating of more muscle cell nuclei [myonuclei] within each muscle cell, which is what allows me [my neuro-network] more efficient control of the cell), 

  • so that even after I stop riding a bike for years, as example, I can return to that motion without having to re-teach my brain and muscle cells to coordinate for these movements.

The more I do an action,
the easier that action becomes to do


The more I ..."  "the easier that ...
is not an arbitrary coincidence, 
it is an evolutionary tool!


I recognize that despite our different cultures and nations, 

we've socially accepted this truth when it comes to things like:

  • learning to play an instrument
  • learning a new language
  • learning how to swim
  • etc., ... "practice makes perfect..."


Changing your mind to change your life.

Coming soon.