"I am only one

but still I am one.

I cannot do everything

but still I can do something;


and because I cannot do everything,

I will not refuse to do the something that I can do."

Edward Everett Hale 

(3 April 1822 – 10 June 1909) 

[Sometimes attributed to Helen Keller 27 June 1880 - 1 June 1968]

The van's name is Big B, and she's here to inspire!


Journey So Far:

Maps provided by google and are a loose representation of actual routes taken around the U.S.

UPDATED: 2021 MAY 15, 06:47 Eastern Time

(map still needs and update and will be updated soon)


  • Lynchburg, Virginia
  • Hardeeville, South Carolina
  • Melbourne & Palm Bay, Florida
  • Wekiva Island, Florida
  • Live Oak, Florida
  • Jacksonville, Florida
  • Madison Heights, Virginia
  • Christiansburg, Virginia
  • Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Westville, Tilton & Danville, Illinois
  • St. Louis & Hazelwood, Missouri
  • Sweet Springs, Missouri
  • Independence, Missouri
  • Junction City, Kansas
  • Goodland, Kansas
  • Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Denver & Aurora, Colorado
  • Alamosa, Colorado
  • Holbrook, Arizona
  • THE GRAND CANYON! (Arizona)
  • Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Canon City, Colorado 
(we have not forgotten you, we will be back!)

  • Los Angeles County, California
  • San Diego & Oceanside California
  • Buttonwillow, California
  • Fresno, California
  • Sacramento, California
  • HOLLYWOOD! (California)
  • Eureka, California
  • Phoenix and Mesa, Arizona
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Louisville, Kentucky
  • Radford, West Virginia

(We would love suggestions on a better mapping software! Google only allows less than 10 destinations and, well, frankly we want more!)



COVID-19 couldn't stop us, the (non COVID-19) death of our little brother and our cousin two days apart only fueled us more, and by the end of the year we were determined to go west in 2021, no matter what. 


Special Thank You to ALL the Good Samaritans who helped us through the beginning of 2019! Colorado to Florida to Virginia, y'all made it possible!                             Thank y'all forever!



1.  It looks like a hippy van...

While not a question, it IS a hippy van! 

Forget the dictionary and talk to any hippy you know. It's not about the "nonconformity", or the "drugs", or being "unconventional" but rather, being a hippy is about finding happiness in being at peace with yourself and peacefully co-existing with everyone else. Funny thing is, Hippy was meant as a derogatory term, but Hippies are so at Peace, we're like "sure, Hippy is a cool word with me, and your attitude is your own."      Yay for Hippies!

2. What does it all mean? (explain the art.)

Complex story concise: the path to world peace is personal peace, which is navigated through emotions, literally orchestrated by thoughts.  The Art attempts to break apart pieces of this cycle and explain how it works to the everyday person whose attempting to make the connections between this simple fact of being alive, and the whys behind our individual experiences of this existing life.

We The People: 
World Peace is in Our Hands

Simply by saying and believing "it won't happen," you are perpetuating the fact it won't happen in your life experience. For those of us who believe world peace is not just possible, but inevitable, it's easy to quickly come to the conclusion that the answer is ultimately within each of us, as individuals, together. World peace is metaphorically in our hands because it is literally within our minds, regardless of what we look like, or where we come from, or how we grew up. We each choose.

Your Soul and a Lightbulb

This is a little analogy to help folks grip the concept that thoughts have substance in our reality. In essence, our thoughts are the leading edge of our souls, of our pure energy selves, and when we think, we feel, and when we feel, our energy IS that feeling, and yes, other people can feel that energy radiate outward just like we feel the heat from a lit lightbulb, or see the light expand outward and touch everything in it's path. Your body is a bulb, your soul is the light, positive, negative, or otherwise, you are shining but 

are you doing it on purpose? 

Your Soul and a Lightbulb 2020 version

Same message, different expression. 

In this painting we have a street lamp that is lit, and one that is not. We can easily see that the lit street lamp illuminates the world around it in greater vibrancy and detail, and the unlit lamp is... just there. By being a living person, we're lit lamps shining on the world around is in great vibrancy and detail. What that detail is, and what becomes vibrant is directly dependent on the quality of our "light" or our "soul" or our "thoughts." Light bulbs and lamps have on and off options, maybe a dimmer and brightness option, but we are human beings and we have infinite range. So again, you're shining, but are you doing it on purpose?

Rain before the sealer caused the running off "Lightbulb" but I decided to keep it as nature's contribution.

A Time-Line Life-Time in Space-Time

This artwork was abandoned unfinished because it is a much larger explanation than originally thought. In essence, it is the attempted break down of a more appropriate time-lining of our life-times within a bolder look at space-time. It is the explanation of how easily the drop of allwhen of everything-we-are can be perceived as a singular line of living in this existence, separated by moments we experience, and given a singular forward moving direction.  It is an effort to show the fluidity of experience, which is not limited to our physical experiences but also includes our memories, daydreams, what-Ifs and pretty much everything that has ever crossed our minds, including other people.

" The more I ... the easier ... "

Updated in 2020: 

The above panel now looks like this (the more I think a thought...) 

We all accept that the more we practice riding a bike, or swimming, or playing the piano, the easier these tasks become. Too, that even if we don't do them fore a while after having learned them, we can practically pick right back up where we left off without having to re-train our muscles and minds. The same thing applies to our thoughts and our emotions.

This Artwork is a reminder that this programable nature of ours is an evolutionary tool and not an arbitrary coincidence to living life. 

E = (MC)ⁿ  

Earth Life = (Motive x Consciousness) ⁿumber of people.

The equation is simple in this form, but it is more complicated in application for when you account for aligned motives and consciousness, it would look more like this:

E= [(MC)ⁿ x (MC)ⁿ x (MC)ⁿ x (MC)ⁿ x (MC)ⁿ x (MC)ⁿ ...]

Written this way, it is easy to see each other on literal different wavelengths and why Earth Life includes so much chaos. However, it is also easy to see  and understand that this is also why some healing prayers work and some do not, and it all amounts to the  purity of motive and conscious effort of a collective of individuals. We can use this example of our collective conscious power to do anything... if we decide.

Be Happy in the NOW or know not Happiness!

Happiness isn't something you find, or stumble upon, it is a choice, and because it's a choice, if you cannot be happy in the right here and now, you don't really understand happiness. Happiness is choosing to feel better when you're feeling icky and consciously changing what you're thinking to achieve it. 


Here at Look Past It, and in our developing Reality Re-Explained series, we don't tell you what to think but try to help you re-learn how to think for yourself. Your truth may be different than ours and that's alright. 

Learn to discern for yourself.

While there are undoubtedly hidden meanings here, it's really just a happy place ...

A colorful hood in your rear-view mirror, and a happy place that awaits the quiet thinker.

Ideas are like trees and they're only as good as their roots. 

Ideas are like the sky, boundaries only appear to be boundaries until you reach them, and then you realize there's more!

Ideas are like the sun that just is, and it is we who turn into the light, or away from it!

I could keep going but I won't. ;)

Life is a journey, not a destination;
Life is a becoming, not an "as is."

[2020 addition] To see these two kids paint their spaces with hearts full of excitement and expression just flowing from them in color choices, brush-strokes and ultimately finger painting! Few things can remind us to live in the moment as watching a kid create art. From one moment to the next, the artwork changes and the kid is otherwise motivated, and before you or I know it, there is a whole story being told within the layers. 

At the end of the day, what we "see" as the "end result" can never do justice to the beauty of the in-between. Life is a journey, not a destination, so make the most of every in-between as surely as every destination and goal! Special thanks to these two gems! <3



Another giant idea, this one made into a simple acronym of P.E.A.C.E. in hopes of reminding the people that we can do anything we put our minds to the task of getting done. Too, even when we choose to do nothing, we are contributing to the experiences we have, and that others have around us.  Yes, even your private thoughts inside your own mind have an impact on the whole of our existence.  Big picture, little picture, we have a clear and present affect on the world around us.


World Peace is Possible; Think Happy Thoughts to Live a Happy Life!

The back door of our van pays tribute to our departed fur-babies and the landscapes across which we all traveled at some point, Wolfie (the grey wolf looking cat) most of all! He was twenty years and seven months old when he passed on in the arms of his human, and he is missed dearly!

While Miss Myndie (the toy poodle) was our little Chewbacca lamb we also miss dearly, she was first the priceless little forever-puppy of our Grandpa's for thirteen great years, and we were delighted to inherit her for the rest of her loving life.  

Kitty-Bear, after eight years of traveling with us from Florida to Colorado, we look forward to our next visit with your new family in your hometown of Melbourne, Florida! The cuddliest Kitty-Bear, we thank you for being so clear about what you want!

It is through the life experiences we've had with these animals as well as all of humanity, which leads us to the purity and sureness of knowing that 'think happy thoughts to live a happy life' isn't just fairy tale, it's science. -hugs- We love ALL of the lives who influence our evolutions and revelations and we thank them for being exactly them! Fur-friends and human's alike. 


(Still a Work in Progress)

Loving Memory Tribute to our little brother, Steel Talon Elliott. 

Emphasis on moments being as unique and precious as people.

Enlightenment into Yoda's quote "do or do not. There is no try" 

which directly relates to Xeno of Elea's determination that motion is an illusion because in any singular 'freeze frame' moment of 'time' everything is exactly where and when it is, there is no motion!

In essense, the only 'motion' is our choice of a specific sequence of space-time and that is why Yoda could pull the craft from the swamp (he chose that sequence) and Luke could not (he didn't even think it was a sequence he could choose). 

Choose happiness. Choose fun. Choose Love.

3. Who painted the van?

We, "The Twins," of course! Remmy & Mandy painted portions on both sides of the van, but Remmy painted the hood while Mandy painted the back. We've painted on the go, in parking lots and drive ways, mostly across Colorado, parts of Florida, Virginia, and Illinois. The paint job has evolved and continues to expand, filling in the otherwise empty spaces...

We do not have plans to stop adding to the paint job of the van, yet, either.

4. What kind of paint was used for the Art on the van?

Good question! We just used acrylic paint and a museum quality clear coat sealer (like on the "world peace is in our hands" art), or no clear coat and simply allowed the sun to bake on the paint. The non-sealed paint has shown a long-term ware during days of misty rain, which soaks into the paint and makes it run. A hard rain or quick rain doesn't have this effect, nor did car washes or even a household pressure washer. Acrylic paint and a museum quality clear coat spray on sealer is my recommendation for other artists wanting to express themselves on their cars, at a reasonable price.

5. Can I take a picture with/of the van and share it?

Absolutely! The #worldPEACEvan was made to be looked at so please, photograph, selfie, share everywhere! 


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