Reality Re-Explained!

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| noun | The world or the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them.


| verb | Once more...making (an idea, situation, or problem) clear by describing it in more detail or revealing relevant facts or ideas.

Learn to Discern for Yourself!

Don't take our word for it, prove or disprove it to yourself.
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The more I think a thought, the easier that thought becomes to think.

I know this works physiologically because: 
  • Thoughts manifest within my mind via my brain, which is basically a network of neurons all interconnected like a dense sponge with multiple levels and layers. 
  • The thoughts I think more often create stronger connections between the neurons (neuron arms touching other neurons,) like bridges or pathways
  •  making the charge that stimulates them (and allows me to be aware of the thought) also stronger, 
  • so that those thoughts become easier to locate within the whole network, in the same way a well walked path is easier to sprint through than a dense, unexplored jungle.

The more I think a thought, 
the easier that thought becomes to think.

The more I feel a feeling, the easier that feeling becomes to feel.

I know this works physiologically because:
  •  my brain and body produce 'receptor cells' like outlets that the emotional chemicals (neurotransmitters that my brain produces) can 'plug' into in order for me to 'feel' the emotion.
  • As my brain and body replenish these receptors, the emotional chemicals more frequently produced likewise tell my body to produce more of those receptors that they can plug into and thus: 
  • I can feel a 'craving' or 'longing' for an emotion.
  • I can feel 'comfortable' in an emotion I don't actually like.
  • This is also why I can have mixed feelings, and why some feelings can 'feel' stronger than others.

The more I feel a feeling, 
the easier that feeling becomes to feel.

The more I do an action, the easier that action becomes to do.

I know this works physiologically because:

  • my brain and body work together to create what is called 'muscle memory' when I repeat a motion.
  • ('muscle memory' is basically the neuro-network in my brain [my frontal lobe's pre-motor cortex & motor cortex, and my cerebellum], AND the creating of more muscle cell nuclei [myonuclei] within each muscle cell, which is what allows me [my neuro-network] more efficient control of the cell), 
  • so that even after I stop riding a bike for years, as example, I can return to that motion without having to re-teach my brain and muscle cells to coordinate for these movements. This includes the re-building of lost muscle mass much faster than initially built!

The more I do an action,
the easier that action becomes to do.

The more I ..."  "the easier that ..."
is not an arbitrary coincidence,
it is an evolutionary tool!

I recognize that despite our different cultures and nations, we've socially accepted this truth when it comes to things like:
  • learning to play an instrument
  • learning a new language
  • learning how to swim
  • etc., ... "practice makes perfect..."

I cannot un-know how life-changing it is to apply this method to my thought patterns, to actively choose and think my way to a happier, more fruitful life! 

It is why I enjoy sharing the knowledge and aim to make it accessible to anyone who is seeking!

Socrates, Plato, & Marcus Aurelius meet Tesla, Rife & Einstein:
Thoughts have substance in reality and a greater pull upon reality than do our emotions, or actions!

Socrates [470-399 BCE] (as known through Plato) and Plato [428-348 BCE] are best known for their thinking, and that their thinking took them to the depths of who a person really is, spirit/soul, and eternity.
Marcus Aurelius [121-180 CE] is best known for his thinking, which took him to the depths of an individuals power over and within their own experience, of leadership, and of the balance of war and peace.
Nikola Tesla [1856-1943] and Royal Raymond Rife [1888-1971] are best known for their thinking and creating, and that their thinking and creating took them to the depths of 'modern' sciences, energy as frequencies, and personal-to-collective physical well-being.
While Albert Einstein [1979-1955] is best known for his thinking and mathematical conceptualizations, which took him to the depths of our known universe, and the duality of energy and matter.

Now consider this:      Thoughts > Emotions > Actions
Thoughts form our emotions which form our actions.
Thoughts come before emotions, which come before actions.

Thoughts have greater 'pull in reality' than emotions, which have a greater "pull in reality" than actions.

Simple, 'known' examples include, but aren't limited to:

Thinking is the same as doing.

Nothing is impossible given time.

Mind over matter.

Will* and a way. (*as in will-power)

I think, therefore I am.

"Do or do not. There is no try." - Yoda

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed.





Socrates, Plato, & Marcus collectively help define the nature of our thoughts being the edge of our souls, and not the entirety of it. Likewise, that our thoughts effect the way we perceive the world,  ourselves, and our relation to the world and universe as we know it. It was Tesla, Rife, and Einstein who gave these ideas replicable science that can be understood in our modern view of 'reality,' sans the necessity of 'spirituality' while including harmony with 'spirituality' just the same. Ah... I still get tingles and goose-flesh!

[ Even if this part didn't make sense to you, just keep reading! ]

Thoughts and feelings have more pull in reality than action because we live in a vibrational reality.

Tesla and Rife helped identify that everything (I mean EVERYTHING) made of matter has it's own unique frequency or vibration, while Einstein helped us define that matter is energy in a state [read: formation] of matter. 

      I personally believe in thinking of this truth as vibrational-frequency in the same way we now think space-time, and in fact, that you cannot even have space-time without vibrational-frequency!

Without getting too sciencey on you:

We can feel the mood of a room when we walk into it because we live in a vibrational reality. 

We share thoughts, "I was JUST thinking that exact same thing!" because we live in a vibrational reality.

"I just KNEW that was going to happen!" We have seemingly predictive sensing because we live in a vibrational reality.

"I don't know how I did it, I just did it!" We have access to seemingly unknown instincts because we live in a vibrational reality.

"I know what I know!" Says the one. 

The other retorts, "Well, I know what I know! We can't BOTH be right!" But we can both perceive opposing truths and therefore be 'right' within our OWN experiences, because we live in a vibrational reality.

We have "Serendipity!" because we live in a vibrational reality.

We have deja vu because we live in a vibrational reality.

We have paradoxes because we live in a vibrational reality.

Yes, we have the Mandela Effect because we live in a vibrational reality too!

We can be blind to things right in front of us, "if it was a snake it would have bit me!" because we live in a vibrational reality.

By now I hope you are sensing the harder-to-define meaning of a vibrational reality... That the 'fluidity' of it starts to make a whole lot of other things make sense..

We don't just "better understand" our universe in terms of vibration and frequency, we "control" our experience of it.

Living in a vibrational reality is relevant because you don't tune your radio frequency to a country music radio station when it's rock music you want to listen to, and likewise, you can't keep complaining about anything in your life and expect it to go well!  

Really let that sink in.

Let me put it another way:

Personal perspective is like a compass on a stone, it only points in the direction that it's moved. You direct your perspective, and I direct mine. This also includes putting our personal perspectives in the hands of others to direct for us... 

(Something I make it a point not to do anymore!)

Our life experiences are that way too, only giving us the experiences of what we're tuned into via our individual thoughts and subsequent feelings, which shape what we call our perspective

Now, don't get it twisted and cry "I didn't want suffering!" because I know, but we do LOVE our TRIUMPH and if I want triumph of a certain caliber, sometimes I must feel the suffering to truly feel that triumph. The underdog's triumph is an easy example.

[original image right) source: ]

I am 100% responsible for the reality that I experience as an individual and among a collective.

Things themselves (inanimate objects, living things, and even ideas and experiences) have no God-like-power to form MY judgements. An experience or idea can't reach in my mind and give me thoughts and feelings and opinions about it. 
Neither can my laptop, my fine point pen, my cat, or even my twin!

Really think about that and let it sink in.

The world around us isn't what is "making" us feel the way we feel because it's not making us think the things we're thinking either. Most of our thought-habits are formed early, and influenced by our parents, siblings, teachers, classmates, and so on. 

Still, they were only influences, (and only because we let them influence!) because even they cannot reach into an individuals mind to give them thoughts, feelings, opinion or judgements about anything... it's WHY they reprimand, lecture, advise, and demonstrate.

However, by thinking and saying 'that' or 'they' made 'me' feel this way, we're putting responsibility for the change upon 'that' or 'they' and not upon ourselves. Then, we also have no power to enact the change ourselves, without first controlling 'that' or 'they' we gave responsibility to, and 

this is the #1 reason we perceive life as hard!

The only thing any one of us actually has control over, is ourselves. 

Change my mind, change my reality.

I once asked myself, on a scientific and universal level, why do we have the capacity to believe ourselves 100% right, and have someone else tell us we're 100% wrong because they likewise believe themselves 100% right? And how is it both sides can provide convincing 'proof' while the ideas themselves seem mutually exclusive? Yet, somehow... within these opposing perspectives, they exist like Schrödinger's cat, neither right nor wrong in the same singular moment! More interestingly, how is it, the more you look, the more you find, unless looking with the expectation there is nothing to find?

In other words: how powerful IS perspective, really?

Perspective is what makes one person feel sorry for the aboriginal woman hand-crafting her family's meager clothing, another person admire the same aboriginal woman's craftsmanship while she does it and without feeling sorry for her, and the aboriginal woman herself feel rich of possession because of the coral beads she's using this time, and rich of spirit because there are others actually interested (for whatever reason) in what she is doing, despite it being routine for her.

Perspective is what shifts fear into anger. Perspective is what turns love into hate. Perspective is what determines which of those feeling-chemicals my brain produces for me to feel. Perspective is the difference between possible and impossible. Perspective is the basis of morality. Perspective is the basis of ALL of my beliefs. Perspective is how I evolve. Perspective is how I define things. Perspective is how I decide what I like and don't like, what I want and don't want.

Perspective is what makes the two sides of a coin into three when you add the edge that holds the two sides apart, and four when you also add the inside where the two sides and edge meet, but five if you also include the whole of the coin. 

You can even find seven perspectives if you imagine both sides of the coins have undersides that meet up with the inside, which naturally means eight perspectives because if the sides have undersides than so does the edge! And while I could keep these mental gymnastics going, I'll just make my point:

Perspective is everything. 


Full Circle: Knowledge is only Power when it is Applied, and we're equipped!

No matter who you are, and no matter what it is you think and believe, you are living proof of these realities in action; 
the question is: are you doing it on purpose?

Happiness, Excitement, and Elation ... etc., are goals I have in common with everyone because they are the feelings of true north toward my natural self, as I experience co-created reality unfolding.

You might not believe me when I say that emotions are like a compass, not good or bad, but simply telling us how close or far from our truest selves we really are, in every moment of every day. 

It's true, and it doesn't require that you believe it, but I'll tell you, life sure does get exponentially easier when you really realize it and apply it, actively and on purpose.

We all want to be happy because happiness is the feeling of being ONE with the greater part of one's being, known to most of us as our soul, or spirit. 

We crave excitement because excitement is happiness in action, in a 'potential energy' build up stage we release in epic 'kinetic energy' explosions of inspiration! 

It's not arbitrary, these sensations, but the evolutionary Heads-Up Display (HUD) to our experience of our co-created reality! 

In technology, we put the HUD before our eyes, but there is far more to our sensory input than vision, and so evolution and biology have given us an emotion HUD

We each have a full-body sensational HUD that helps us navigate and enjoy the co-creation of our world when we know how to use it, and otherwise has us confused and in a perpetual sense of chasing when we don't understand it. 

Despair, Depression, and Anger
... etc., are "bad" feelings I can relate to with others because they are the feelings of being out of alignment with my natural self, and being out of alignment is a natural evolutionary tool.

It's most important to understand 'bad' emotions aren't 'bad.' 
We need them! 
But there are two other, very pivotal things to also understand about these 'negative' emotions:

1) Any emotion that doesn't feel 'good' is the sensation of 'separation' (never actually separate) between my conscious-being and my true-self (my soul/spirit), and that's why it feels not good. 
Basically it's my HUD notifying me "whatever I'm thinking right now, or intending, isn't in alignment with my true-self by [this] degree... and I'm just saying....
So that I, as a conscious being, can choose to keep feeling it,
or choose to re-align myself and feel better.

2) When I feel these negative emotions my body is going through a cycle of producing negative-feeling-inducing chemical cocktails that plug into those receptors in both my mind and body, as I mentioned earlier, so that I can feel it. The longer I stay feeling these negative feels, the more those receptors are replenished with openings for those negative-feel-chemical-cocktails. 
This is why we can sometimes end up feeling a weird 'comfort' in our sadness or rage or irritability or fear, etc. 
This is also why we can find the ideas of perpetual happiness impossible, because we physically lack the physiology in the moment to sense it's possible.

But we NEED these 'bad' emotions because they help us identify our true-self within the apparent chaos of a co-created reality. 

Learning to use my emotional HUD!

We know what is happening physiologically when we think and feel things. We know that repetition is what creates our proverbial programing, what we call 'second nature' and 'instinct' and 'belief' and 'pre-cocieved notions' and 'habit' and 'prejudice' and 'culture' and 'mental illness' and 'perspective' and so on...

When I feel sad, I know my true-self is happy and it's my own thoughts which formed my perspective that has 'separated' me from my true-self, and thus triggered my brain to produced the sad/dispair/depressive chemical cocktail that has me feeling sad.

When I feel fear, I know my true-self is exhilarated and excited, that it's my own thoughts which formed my perspective, that separated me from my true-self, which triggered my emotion-chemicals, that has me feeling afraid.

When I am angry, I know my true-self is at peace and filled with joy, but it is my own thoughts which trigger the dominos within my body which has me feeling angry.... and so on.

By feeling the 'bad' feel I realize whatever 'this' subject is, is something I am not in alignment with my true-self about! 
It's not bad, it's just a... 'notification.'

Just admitting that to myself is always the hugest relief! 

Relief is the first key that my thoughts are on the right path to re-alignment. When I'm excited and happy again, I'll know I'm in alignment again and I feel the inspiration and potential at my proverbial and literal fingertips. 

The cycle is never-ending, because I am ever-evolving, and the second key is learning to enjoy the cycle of being out of alignment and re-aligning again.

Think the thoughts that feel better!

"Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream.

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily; life is but a dream.
  - (unknown) & Eliphalet Oram Lyte

We all know the song, and tune, but not many really understand what's been given to us here. It is an easy-to-remember outline to getting everything you want, being everything you want, and doing everything you want in life. 

This silly song is a reminder to steer toward what I want!
This silly song is a reminder that life is fun and easy when I'm in alignment with the stream of it!
This silly song is a reminder that life is a series of fleeting moments I only get once before waking into the next; to make the best of them!

Let me also put it this way:
When I'm walking,  bicycling, or driving my car, or sailing on your boat (if I sailed), or so on, you expect me to be constantly vigilant about my steering, yes? When I veer off course, you expect me to steer myself back into my "lane."

I expect the same of you when we share the same path, sidewalk, road, waterway or so on...naturally, yes? 


Why would we treat the living of our lives any different?!

What steers the life you live? My Thoughts! 

How do you steer into a better life? Think thoughts that feel better!

Why would thinking thoughts that feel better be the way to steering into a better life, and not something like... planning?
Quite simply because planning is a two dimensional rendering of reality that has no connection to real-time unfolding. Emotions being our naturally built HUD, are directly connected to real-time unfolding. So, I trust my HUD.

Feeling better is like going down stream with the flow of my life. 
Feeling worse is like going up-stream and fighting the current of my life.

Now, to be clear, I'm not saying "don't plan" but I AM saying, "when you feel good about your plan while planning, and good about executing the plan while each part comes to fruition, your plan will seem like everything pretty much fell into place and worked out beautifully; but if you begrudge your plan while planning it, and feel begrudging about executing the plan while each part comes to fruition, your plan will take a whole lot of hard work...and you'll probably still end up with unfavorable results in direct proportion to your unfavorable feelings.

Inspired brilliance is the elated/believed idea, shot in the dark is the wishful/hopeful idea. Emotions matter!

I first want to acknowledge what I feel is the main difference between HOPE and BELIEF. 

HOPE leaves room both for doubt and some external power to thwart or deliver my desires. BELIEF does not, and withstands many perceived losses and changes without faltering from the greater vision and feeling!

Hope is what I reach for when I can't sense belief. 
When I have hope though, I can sense how I can turn it into belief, and that belief will bring me elation! 
(Which we know is the feeling of being in alignment with our whole selves, our spirit/soul.)

Elation is important for the execution of an idea because that feeling of being in alignment with my whole self (elation) is a lot like operating on a perpetually full proverbial-gas-tank.

Being hopeful about the execution of an idea is the feeling of wanting to be in alignment but not quite being there, and therefore the tank will empty in direct proportion to my inability to maintain... hope. Many times, one's proverbial gas-tank empties all at once with loss of hope.

This is why a hopeful idea is a shot in the dark, but when I have elation within me, I also have the inspired brilliance of my whole self, my spirit/soul AS WELL AS my conscious being! 

For the record, that is INFINITY!    ;) 
I can't fail.

(I CAN still find many ways not to succeed, but with belief I'll know the success is right there and I WILL figure it out! 
Oh, the joy when I do! <3 )

The writers of Yoda knew this, "Do or do not. There is no try."
Trying is the feeling of not quite being in alignment.
Get happy and excited about it, and then just do!

Are you feeling excited yet? Feeling your mind opening to the possibilities and your spirit/soul right there with your conscious mind?!

A Belief is a Thought that I just
Keep Thinking... (consistence!)

History, science and experience are what have proven this vibrational reality and emotional HUD to me. I have 0% doubt. None. I would be remiss not to share my understanding.

The ONLY thing that makes ANY thing a belief is our consistence in thinking it. 

No one is born believing anything specific. My baby-self didn't even know what a belief was or why people have them or fight each other about them. 

As we grow from babies to toddlers, our parents, siblings, other family, doctors, and faith/religious figures are largely responsible for indoctrinating us to our first set of beliefs through repetition and insistence. 

Sometimes we still feel those questions we're not supposed to ask, right up until we've repeated those indoctrinations ourselves so many times there's no room for another perspective. At such a time, the ideas are established as belief. Then, we begin indoctrinating others.

Yes, I am flat-out saying we make up our own beliefs and we convince ourselves and each other of them, but it is the sheer power of our own conscious minds and infinite spirit/souls which allow these beliefs to be both true when we believe them and not true when we don't believe them. 

All that is required one way or the other is consistence.

Consistence is how water can cut through a mountain.
Consistence is how a word becomes defining of a thing.
Consistence is what turns an idea into a goal.
Consistence is what makes a positive thinker an optimist.
Consistence is what makes a negative thinker a pessimist.
Consistence is what makes a specific religious thinker a Christian, or Catholic, or Jewish, or Buddhist, or Islamist, etc.,
Consistence is what makes a healthy person well.
Consistence is what makes a sick person unwell.
Consistence is what keeps our cars on the road, our bikes on the right paths, and our planes on schedule (mostly.)
Consistence is what makes an idea provable. 
Consistence is what turns a thought into a belief.


As a reminder, these examples are just examples written in the spirit of our vibrational reality to help you grasp it.
Everyone is different and interprets differently so try not to get hung up on a specific example and instead look past it to the bigger meaning.

"Where is GOD is all this?!"

"Where is GOD in your vibrational reality?!" and every variation of that question are a favorite example because while I do not believe in God the way most Christian's I've met do, I choose not to be ignorant of their beliefs and know as fact their power. That said, our vibrational reality and universe certainly doesn't exclude the existence of God (singular and with that big G,) but it does allow for a clearer and even scientific understanding of the age-old saying: "God works in mysterious ways." 

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts." -Isaiah 55:8&9

"Do not copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect." -Romans 12:2

In our vibrational universe, God IS the vibrations, the everything, and prayer and belief in God is infinitely strong! 

Likewise, the answer to that age-old question, "why would God let [insert horrific thing] happen?!" is as simple and complex as the things those people involved were thinking and feeling about. God didn't give free will for no reason!

"Today I have given you the choice between life and death, between blessings and curses. Now I call on heaven and earth to witness the choice you make. Oh, that you would choose life, so that you and your descendants might live!" - Deuteronomy 30:19

God says: 
"As someone thinks within himself, so he is." -Proverbs 23:7
The reason isn't simply because God is all-knowing and just FYIing us, it is also because this one verse is a blueprint for the mechanics of the universe God created, responding to your free-will choices... by design. Yes, especially including your thoughts, which are the leading edge of your conscious being'ness here on Earth!
If you believe God is a punishing God, you will absolutely have opportunity to feel yourself punished by God. 
If you believe God is a forgiving God, you will absolutely have opportunity to feel yourself forgiven by God. 
etc., so on and so on.

It is your free will and God's divine plan that you choose your own path, though God gives us the tools and way in these most concise verses: 

"God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline." -2nd Timothy 1: 7

"Whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable — if anything is excellent or praiseworthy — think about such things." -Philippians 4:8

"And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith.” - Matthew 21:22

"For nothing will be impossible with God.” - Luke 1:37

(NOTE: to me it is proof-positive that I consciously went seeking quotes from the Bible, which I know are in there because I've read it 3-going-on-4 times now, but for which I'm not so good at quoting off-the-top-of-my-head and lo' and behold my first impulse lead me to this article which had exactly what I was looking for AND was likewise expressing a similar sentiment about the power of thoughts within our experience of reality (in different terms), some four years ago. <3 God works in mysterious but not totally unknowable ways.)

"I can't!"

"I can't..." is one of my favorite vibrational reality examples. 

"Can't" disempowers, and those who believe they "can't" ... 
well, cannot, because that is the vibration they're living. It's simple.

Those who believe they can, find a way because they believe they can, and so they keep on until they find that way; it's inevitable because that is the vibration they're living in. It's simple.

"Whether you believe you can do a thing or believe you cannot do a thing, you are right." Paraphrasing Henry Ford because there's much debate on his specific wording, but the point is, Henry Ford was mastering living in our vibrational reality and telling us how to do it too, in simple words that anyone can understand.

 YOU decide what you are capable of, and no one else so, if you find yourself thinking and saying "can't" a lot, try changing your mind on that one word. Try words like "I will" and when you slip..."I can't...yet! but I'm still figuring out how!" and so on...

"...and why haven't I won the lotto yet?!"

lol, the short answer is that you aren't thinking and feeling consistently in the same vibrational frequency of "you" as a lotto winner so, you aren't a lotto winner.

The long answer circles back to the beginning of this page when we discussed how our thoughts trigger emotional chemicals we feel, which is just a HUD for letting us know whether those thoughts are in alignment or not with our whole-self, our spirit/soul, and by how much (despair and hopeless being as far as you get from your whole self, which is why it feels so crappy, and elation and belief being as close as you get to your whole self which is why it feels soooo good!

To win the lotto you must first realize, accept and believe you already have won because time is not a line, we just experience it in a linear sequence of our choosing. Secondly, realize that every possibility, every choice you ever made, could make, didn't make, will make and won't make ... also exists... but again, you are only experiencing the choices you make... in linear sequence. 
And lastly but most importantly, to win the lotto you must choose to be the lotto winner as simply and absolutely and jubilantly as the sky is blue. 

If you felt warm fuzzies and certainty just reading that, you're well on your way! But if you immediately thought, "the sky is sometimes grey with clouds, or red and pinks and oranges with sunsets, even teals and purples in twilights and sunrises!" and the like, you're grasping the absoluteness of variation and missing the absoluteness of choosing what you want to experience. 

If you "feel" the wanting of winning that lotto, you're only in the vibration of wanting to win.

If you "feel" the relief and elation of I won! that lotto, you're in the vibration of winning that lotto

Consistence is key, and every thought counts so sometimes it is better to be certain with that relief and elation, and then immediately think of something else entirely, before the old practice of self-doubt and wondering and hoping and wanting can set in. 
As Ester-Abraham Hicks says "Get in, be happy, get out." Though I originally heard it in reference to visiting relatives, I find it also appropriate to making the most of your own thoughts and thinking on a subject!

"Do or do not. There is no try." -Yoda

I love Yoda! I love the writers of Yoda! Intentionally or not, one of the most iconic and succinct examples of our vibrational reality. 

In the scene in Star Wars : The Empire Strikes Back, Yoda is training Luke Skywalker essentially to believe in himself and the infinite power of The Force, but of course, from his current line of thinking, Luke "can't" even sense the possibility of what Yoda says. 

This is exactly true of our vibrational reality and why, when we're mad or upset "can't" and "I tried!" are our most accessible feelings and thoughts. Yet, when we're happy and elated, we also have a sense of anything is possible! These, again, aren't arbitrary. It is our naturally evolved HUD communicating with us in real-time that we are or are not in alignment with our whole selves, and by what degree. In alignment, anything is possible, and out of alignment many things seem impossible!

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, and Yoda tells Luke to feel the force in ALL things, because it is all things, and between all things, and connecting all things, and he will know his ship can be lifted from the swamps and brought to land. 
For the record: Yes, I do believe human-beings are capable of these mental feats too, but no, I personally have not mastered it nor have I spent much time on it. lol 

The point still stands as example that because Luke didn't believe it was possible, all he could do was try, and because Yoda knew it was possible, he just did it. 

If you pay attention to your own thoughts and the way you speak in your own life, it won't be hard to prove this to yourself in ever increasingly "big" and "seemingly impossible" things.

"If [so-n-so] would just... than I ..."

One of our biggest mistakes, and one of our biggest, self-inflicted obstacles in life is our pursuit of conditional happiness. If your happiness has an "If/Than" in it, it's conditional. 

  • "I would be happier if the world was better" 
  • "If so-n-so would stop [insert annoying thing] than I could relax and find my happiness."
  • "I would be happier if there weren't [insert bad things] in the world."
  • "If so-n-so would just show they care in [insert this specific way I want], I would feel cared about and it would make me happy."
  • "I would be so happy if I could just get a pay raise!"
  • "If I could afford [insert thing or experience] I would be happy."
  • "If...[insert whatever] than I could finally be happy!" 

In every example, the "if/than" thought immediately creates the vibration of conditional happiness, and you'll never be happy until those conditions are met... because you set them in the first place!

Let me repeat that in another way:
We "like" being happy because it's our natural state of being, and most in alignment with our natural whole selves, our spirit/souls. Why on any Earth would we give that natural happiness away... for conditions?!

Let me repeat that again, in yet another way:
Happiness is a choice. Whether you are choosing to be happy only "if", or choosing be happy "unconditionally," it's a choice made by the quality and consistence of your thought toward and about what makes you feel better, more excited, and happier! 

To conclude concisely: 
When you catch yourself in the thoughts of "if/than," it's just another notification that you're giving your power away, and choosing to put a condition on your own happiness. 

To be happy, just think thoughts that make you feel better, thereby aligning with your whole self, and symptomatically being HAPPY!

"Put the 'I' in happy and you'll find happiness." -M.E.